Review of my the brand new Bissell Little Green Proheat multipurpose carpet cleaner

little greenCarpet cleaner is one of the most essential and widely used household items at all homes. It is the best friend of all home makers who can easily clean the dusts in the carpet with the help of the best carpet cleaner. When it comes to the carpet cleaning, a cleaner machine should be capable of cleaning all dusts, dirt, stains, and harmful microbes in the carpet. This Bissell Little Green Proheat multipurpose carpet cleaner is one and only right type of machine for the effective cleaning of carpets. It is the compact and multipurpose deep carpet cleaner which also includes the powerful mini steam vac for deep cleaning purpose.

Bissell Little Green Proheat carpet cleaner:

This carpet cleaner from the Bissell brand actually uses the particular cleaning agent and hot water in order to get rid of the surface spills and deep down dirt in the carpets. This specific cleaner machine works better for doing all types of small and large carpets, stairs, vehicle interiors, upholstery, and so on. It has the built-in water heater to produce the hot water for the deep cleaning purpose. This built-in heater helps to increase the temperature level of the tap water by about 25 degree F for the best cleaning results.

This Bissell Little Green Proheat unit contains the clean & soapy water in the specific solution tank on one side. This carpet cleaner also includes the suction remove stains and tough spots along with the strong spray. Additionally, it also helps dry the wet carpet and all these things are done in a single step. Another side is used to store the dirty water in the separate tank. This machine also includes several other major parts such as,

  • A tough stain brush
  • Flexible PVC free hose
  • Two in one spraying crevice tool in order to access the tight spaces
  • Power cord stores on the quick release hooks
  • Tanks remove for easy filling
  • The hose wraps around a base

All these additional equipments included in this carpet cleaner machine are for the added convenience of the users. It is always in the ready to use mode to easily and quickly clean the carpets.

Features of Bissell carpet cleaner:

green machineThe following are the powerful and effective features of the Bissell Little Green Proheat multi-purpose carpet cleaner unit sold at the various shops. They include,

  • Powerful suction clean and spray
  • Helps dry the carpet in a single step
  • Available at stores in the ready to use mode
  • Has compact multipurpose design to deliver wet vacuum for the deep carpet cleaning
  • It has the measurement of 8 1/5 x 17 1/5 x 12 ½ inches
  • Contains built-in heater to produce hot water for providing improved cleaning results
  • Includes separate tanks to store cleaning solutions and dirty water
  • Has tough stain brush, flexible hose, and spraying crevice tool

These are all the most convenient and effective features of this multi-purpose deep cleaner machine for your carpets. When the home makers have this deep cleaner at home, you can surely able to maintain your carpets clean and fresh always for living in the healthy environment.

3 thoughts on “Review of my the brand new Bissell Little Green Proheat multipurpose carpet cleaner

  1. The Bissell Little Green Proheat multi-purpose carpet cleaner machine actually stands out as the well known and popular model of spot cleaner with the internal water heater and cleaning solution tank. I have chosen this modern and effective carpet cleaner machine to clean dirt, dusts, stains, and harmful bacteria on and from the deep part of my carpets, upholstery, and etc.

  2. I love this machine because it helps removing the stains and spills from the carpets in the easier manner because it has wonderful cleaning brush and two hand tools to clean the entire carpets. This product is definitely intended for all of my cleaning processes of smaller stains and spots which exist even for many months.

  3. I have seen two tanks for cleaning solution and collecting dirty water which can be easily removed by just lifting them from the base. By this way, I can easily empty the dirty water and fill the cleaning solution from/in the tanks.

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